38 Vegan Passover Recipes We Love (2024)

Think being vegan during Passover is challenging? We've got you covered with these fun Vegan Passover recipes. Enjoy!

38 Vegan Passover Recipes We Love (1)

38 Vegan Passover Recipes We Love

Sephardic Haroset (Charoset) Bites

Sephardic Haroset (Charoset) Bites - It is not just a Passover Recipe. Enjoy these Sugar-Free, vegan and Gluten-free date and nut bites all year long. A real energy booster! Great for breakfast or as a snack.

Cinnamon Raisin Quinoa Granola

Not a huge Passover cereal fan? Make your own! This granola beats anything you can get in the store. And you can customize it with your favorite add-ons!

Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Simple yet tasty vegan Passover Recipe. Cauliflower rice with fresh herbs and almonds.

38 Vegan Passover Recipes We Love (4)

Roasted Celeriac with Carrots and Olive Pistachio Gremolata

Vegan and Gluten-Free Passover Recipe. Plant-forward. Explore new veggies while enjoying a really tasty dinner.

The Best Roasted Potatoes

Not all roasted potatoes are created equal. These roasted potatoes are perfectly seasoned with Lemon, Oregano, and Sumac making them full of tangy Mediterranean flavor.

Sweet Potato Shepperd's Pie, A Hearty Passover Recipe

A hearty vegan entrée for Passover and all-year-round, this savory VeganSweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie brings together ingredients that are incredibly nutritious and comforting at the same time!

Eggplant Caponata

One of our favorite roasted eggplant recipes is Caponata, a Sicilian dish that’s created with a base of roasted eggplant and peppers. Serve it on Matza or as a topping for your favorite protein!

38 Vegan Passover Recipes We Love (8)

Passover Cauliflower Beet Dip

Colorful, creamy with cumin and fresh lemon, this cauliflower beet dip is perfect for a light lunch or dinner, as an appetizer, or as an indulgent midnight snack. Great Vegan Passover recipe.

Passover Cauliflower Fried Rice by May I Have That Recipe

Move over eggs and potatoes. This Cauliflower Fried Rice is about to become your new staple during Passover.

Warm Braised Celery Salad

Not only for Passover Recipes: Warm braised celery salad. We have elevated celery to a delectable vegetarian side dish spiced with turmeric, pepper, and cumin with a touch of tangy lemon.

Pickled Carrots and Fennel

Pickled Carrots and Fennel is an easy, quick, tangy snack. It’s a little bit spicy, crunchy, and flavorful! Add them to sandwiches, tacos, green salads, or just enjoy them as a healthy, low-calorie snack.

38 Vegan Passover Recipes We Love (12)

Moroccan Vegetable Stew

This is not your everyday vegetable stew! Our Moroccan vegetable stew has a unique spice blend that adds a punch of flavor to this super comforting veggie-filled dish. Enjoy it anytime with our flavorful, comforting, super satisfying stew.

Quinoa Breakfast Cookies

Quinoa, almond flour, and a dollop of jelly make for the tastiest Quinoa Breakfast Cookies around! Make them for Passover or anytime you’re craving a treat that’s also nutritious.

38 Vegan Passover Recipes We Love (14)

Grilled Tricolor Hasselback Potatoes With Romesco Sauce

These delicious Grilled Tricolor Hasselback Potatoes with Romesco Sauce are a combination of two of our favorite Spanish dishes: “Patatas Bravas” (roasted potatoes with spicy sauce) and “Romesco”, a traditional Spanish sauce/spread that is served along with grilled vegetables, or as a dip. This dish can be grilled or roasted and can be served as an appetizer or side dish. This is the ultimate vegan Passover recipe comfort food.

Kohlrabi Slaw with Cashew Cream

This vegan Passover recipe is a no-mayo Kohlrabi Slaw with Cashew Cream. It is loaded with apples, carrots, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

38 Vegan Passover Recipes We Love (16)

Gluten Free Quinoa Paella

This Vegan Gluten Free Quinoa Paella is a delicious twist on the Spanish classic. Quick and easy to make, full of flavor and plant-based protein. Great for Passover, holiday dinner or weeknight dinner. One of our most requested Vegan Passover Recipes.

Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini Boats

These Vegan Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini boats are a great gluten-free entree you can enjoy during Passover and all year round!

Braised Eggplant in Fresh Tomato Sauce

This rich and hearty braised eggplant in fresh tomato sauce is a great way to utilize your fresh summer veggies. Light, nutritious, and full of flavor!

Thai Coconut Soup - Vegan

This exotic Thai coconut soup is one of the most popular dishes in Thai cuisine and no wonder – it is a delightful blend of creamy coconut milk, mushrooms, and Asian flavorings. Plus, our vegan recipe uses easily-found ingredients to make an exquisite soup!

Beet Salad with Horseradish Alioli and Caramelized Walnuts

We take the simple beet salad up a notch with caramelized roasted garlic and horseradish for an intensely-flavored side dish that everyone will love.

Quinoa Tabbouleh

You don’t have to celebrate Passover to enjoy this grain free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan quinoa tabbouleh salad! Light, flavorful and perfect for any occasion.

Passover Coconut Ginger Carrot Rice

This flavorful, grain-free Passover Coconut Ginger Carrot Rice is a great side dish to serve during the Holiday and all year long. Vegan and gluten-free.

Braised Fennel with Apricots and Figs

A little sweet, a little savory, and bursting with flavor! Serve it as a side, or as an entree with some quinoa or rice.

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

This Vegan Shepherd’s Pie is the ultimate vegan comfort food. Warm, delicious, comforting and you won't miss the meat!

Mushroom Stuffed Potatoes

A beautiful savory dish that will keep you fully satisfied during Passover.

Romesco - A Spanish inspired dip for veggies or matzo

Romesco is a wonderful, thick, tasty sauce/dip from the Catalonia region of Spain.It’s traditionally served along with big, thick spring onions, grilled to perfection, and it works wonderfully well with roasted vegetables.

Chili Roasted Carrots with Avocado-Cilantro Dressing

Our creamy green avocado cilantro dressing is perfect for dressing up cooked vegetables, salads, and bean medleyand takes our roasted chili Carrots to a whole new level.

Passover Roasted Olives

These roasted olives are the perfect addition to a roasted vegetable tray, as a side dish, or even just as a snack with Matzah or Passover crackers.

Patatas Bravas

Patatas bravas is one of the most popular tapas from Spain. This simple, yet delicious tapa is traditionally made with fried potatoes topped with a spicy sauce.

Roasted Rainbow Carrots

Roasted Rainbow Carrotsare an easy-to-make Passover Side Dish that you may serve on your Passover Seder table as well as on regular weeknights. Keep this roasted carrot recipe handy to easily make a batch of perfectly roasted carrots whenever you’d like.

38 Vegan Passover Recipes We Love (31)

Mashed Cauliflower with Herbed Chestnuts

Creamy and comforting, this mashed cauliflower recipe can easily replace mashed potatoes on your Thanksgiving table! And the hearty herbed chestnut topping adds a wonderful punch of flavor.

Insanely good sweet potato fries

No matter how many batches of sweet potato fries me make, our family always wants more. That’s how good our baked sweet potato fries are!

Tri-Colored Roasted Potatoes with Harissa Sauce

This spicy, colorful, roasted potato medley with harissa sauce combines three different potatoes with smoky paprika for a delicious twist on a Passover roasted potato recipe.

Warm Roasted Fennel and Cabbage Passover Salad

Our warm roasted fennel salad with cabbage and pepitas is savory, warm, crunchy and sweet. Enjoy it for lunch, or as a light dinner with your favorite protein.

The most comforting vegetable soup

This is our go-to hot, comforting, healing vegetable soup. Loaded with healthy vegetables and spices, it packs so much flavor that you don’t even need to use vegetable broth.

Super creamy roasted eggplant and tomato soup

Make this tomato and roasted eggplant soup when you’re craving something super creamy, filling, satisfying, and low-calorie. A pot and a baking sheet are all you need to prepare it! Our roasted eggplant and tomato soup is vegan and gluten-free. Don’t like eggplant? Scroll down and you’ll find some variations that are just as delicious.

Creamy Passover Celeriac Soup

This creamy vegan parsnip and celeriac soup with Moroccan crunchy vegetable chips is a warm and satisfying vegan option for Passover, Rosh Hashanah, or any regular weeknight dinner.

Vegan Almond Butter Cookies

Chewy and delicious gluten-free almond butter cookies sweetened with dates and with only 5 ingredients!

Vegan Flourless Chocolate Cookies

Fudgy and super easy to prepare: mix, portion, bake, done!

38 Vegan Passover Recipes We Love (2024)
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